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"Bono alquiler joven 2022"

Our colleagues of FANUCOVA pass us this information:

We explain to you everything related to the direct aid for young tenants or assignees with limited financial means for the rental or assignment of use of their usual and permanent dwelling or room for the monthly installments paid from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.


Young people up to and including the age of 35 have until October 31 to apply for this assistance.


The Bono Alquiler Joven can be applied for by anyone up to and including 35 years of age at the time of submitting the proposal. The plan ends on October 31, 2022, at 2:00 pm.

These are direct subsidies for young tenants or assignees with limited financial means for the rental or assignment of use of their usual and permanent dwelling or room for the monthly payments made from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Applicants must be Spanish nationals or nationals of a member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland. Non-EU citizens must be in a situation of regular stay or residence in Spain. They must also have a contract of lease or assignment of use of the dwelling or room, or be in conditions to subscribe it. In this case, it must be subscribed within a maximum period of two months after the aid is granted.

The rented dwelling or room must constitute the habitual and permanent residence of the lessee or assignee, which must be evidenced by means of a certificate or registration receipt. In no case and in no monthly payment, the sum of the aid received by the young people who live in the dwelling exceeds the amount of the rent or assignment price.


The Bono Alquiler Joven cannot be obtained if the applicant, his/her spouse or any of the cohabitants with whom he/she is related by blood or affinity in the first degree, is the owner or usufructuary of a dwelling in Spain. Neither if the lessee, the assignee or any of those who have their habitual and permanent residence in the leased or assigned dwelling with whom they are related in the first degree of consanguinity or affinity, is, in turn, related to the lessor or assignor of the dwelling or is a partner or participant of the individual or legal entity acting as lessor or assignor.

Applicants must be up to date with their tax and social security obligations. Neither may be those persons or entities that, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of said law, have been sanctioned by a final administrative resolution.


Aid of 250 euros per month, without the sum of the aid received by the young people living in the dwelling exceeding the rental or assignment price stated in the contract.


To apply for the aid, the electronic form must be completed whether it is done with or without digital certificate. Preferably, with digital certificate, telematically at the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat, through the procedure enabled for this purpose and called 'Bono Alquiler Joven'.

If a digital certificate is not available, the interested party must electronically fill out the application form for the Bono Alquiler Joven 'Tramitar telemáticamente' and the receipt will be printed.

This proof shall constitute the application form and must be submitted duly signed with the required documentation at the entry register.


Complete copy of the contract of lease or of cession of use of the housing, in force; or copy of the contract of rent or use of the room, in its case. In any case, the document must be signed by the lessor and lessee in all its pages with express mention of the amount of the rent or assignment price, as well as the means and form of payment to the lessor or assignee.

The cadastral reference of the individualized dwelling shall be provided.

In the case of rental or transfer of use of a room, a simple note issued by the Land Registry accrediting ownership and description of the dwelling stating the number of existing rooms.

Certificate or single census registration form showing, as of the date of the application, the persons who have their habitual and permanent residence in the dwelling being rented or transferred or in which the room being rented or transferred is located. The document must be unique per dwelling, including all the persons who are registered in the same on the date of the application, and it will be of necessary contribution by the petitioner of the aid.

If the applicant's regular source of income consists of business, professional or artistic activities, he/she must attach a census declaration of the start of the activity or a certificate from the State Tax Administration Agency accrediting the registration of the activity.

Documentation accrediting the payment of the rent or price of the assignment corresponding to the monthly rent paid after January 1, 2022 up to the date on which the aid is requested, unless the contract has a shorter term, in which case the payment will be accredited from the beginning of the contract, being the presentation of these receipts obligatory together with the application.

Only in the case of being a new recipient of aid from the Generalitat or change of bank account number, the direct debit form must be duly completed, designating the account into which the aid will be paid.

Two young people who qualify for assistance live in a rented or leased dwelling, one application must be submitted for each young applicant.

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