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Extension of the Social Bonus

The Government has extended until December theextension of the special bonus of the electricity social bonus, which means applying 60% to the price of electricity consumption, instead of the usual 25%. In the case of severely vulnerable consumers, the special bonus is 70& instead of the usual 40%). The VAT rebate on electricity has also been extended and extended until the end of the year, which will now be 5%, which will also mean a small reduction in the electricity bill for all consumers.

This measure is part of the package of anti-crisis actions approved a few days ago by the Governing Council (see Royal Decree here) to support families in the face of the current inflation, as fuel and electricity prices have shot up, as well as many other essential goods, including food. Precisely, given the delicate economic situation that many families are going through due to the rise in prices, the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) asked the Government a few months ago to extend the special bonus of the social bonus for electricity until the end of the year.

Thus, the 60% discount on consumption, which was initially to be applied until June, will continue to be applied until December 31, which will alleviate the electricity bill in the coming months for thousands of households, including large families, one of the groups that can benefit from the bonus due to their special consumption needs.

Other special measures will be implemented in September, such as the 200 euro voucher, which will reach some low-income families, or the reduction in the price of tickets or vouchers for public transport.

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2 comments on "Extension of the Social Bonus".

    • Dear family, I put the official link to request the voucher there you have all the information to apply for it. You need to collect this documentation:

      Photocopy of the D.N.I. of the holder of the supply point.
      Photocopy of the large family card issued by the competent body of your Autonomous Community of residence.
      Certificate/voucher of census registration of the holder.
      Photocopy of the last invoice.
      Best regards


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