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Notice for families who receive a monthly payment of 100€/200€.

Dear Asfaneros,

Recently there have been cases in which the tax authorities are stopping the monthly payment (€100 per general category - €200 per special category) to the families who are beneficiaries of the large family title, although this can also affect those who apply for it on an annual basis.

Do not panic, we explain the cases in which this fact can occur if you have NOT communicated:

🔴 Changes in your marital status

🔴 DNI of children over 14 years of age

🔴 Changes in disability.

🔴 Children over 21 years of age who start working (Consult particular cases)

We also remind you that it is important to communicate any change in the family unit (change of address, children over 21 years of age who are not studying or who are returning to school) within a maximum of 3 months.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.
Emi 619 67 95 43
Yahiza 675 80 72 56

Thank you for your trust!

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  1. Yo estoy a la,espera de que me den la incapacidad y mi hijo mayor vive conmigo tiene 25 y si trabaja y tengo a la pequeña de 15 y mi empareja se fue en enero


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