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Renta 2021, a guide not to get lost

The most dreaded moment for many families has arrived, the 2021 income tax campaign has begun and although the Treasury sends us a draft, it usually forgets some deductions. So that this does not happen to you, here we are going to remind you. Deductions of autonomic tranche in the Renta 2021. All the autonomic deductions of the Renta 2021 ... Read more

Call for solidarity with Ukraine

Collection of material and host families

Collection of material and host families We are launching this first campaign for the collection of material and host familiesFrom Scouts of Ukraine in Spain, based in Valencia at Calle Marqués de San Juan 13, 46035 Valencia, we are asking for: Families who can host a few days to mothers and children who are going to be in Ukraine for a few ... Read more

Trip to Warner!

We already have the trip to Warner!!! Our colleagues from Fedma_Madrid let us know that we already have it here: We have two ways to go: BY FREE 🗓️ Days 23 or 24 October 💸 Price: 85€/family/day ✅ Tickets are bought ONLY at the park. ✅ If there are any 🦽👩🦯 tell us at the ticket office, we will ... Read more