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I remind you of the 10€ coupon at Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Supercor!

We remind you that you can now download the 10 euro coupon that @elcorteingles and @hipercor give us every month for shopping at the supermarket, and now you can also use them at Supercor (@tusupercor) and Supercor Express! Accessing the monthly coupons is very easy. If you are a member of our association, all you have to do is register on the families page ... Read more

The Guide to family assistance and services is out 22

The Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 publishes a new edition of this "Guide to Social Assistance and Services for Families", which aims to provide updated information to people who have family responsibilities on the benefits, benefits and services available to them in the field of the General Administration of the Family.... Read more

ASFANA participates in FANUCOVA Training Seminars

ASFANA has participated in the Training Conference that has offered training in care and social fabric to the staff of its five associations (ASAFAN, FANUCAS, ASFANA, AVAFAM, MAS DE DOS) with the aim of improving our work in the daily care of vulnerable families and to refer and guide them so that they can access the social network.... Read more

The INSS recommends requesting the child support supplement before July 1 if it is not received ex officio

If you are entitled to the child support supplement because you were previously receiving the dependent child allowance, but you have not received it automatically, you should apply for it, and it is best to do so before July 1. In general, the Social Security applies it automatically, that is to say, ex officio, to those family units made up of children ... Read more

Valencia City Council opens deadline to apply for school vouchers

The City Council of Valencia opens the deadline for the school check, will be used to pay the fees corresponding to: The educational activities developed, if any, in nursery schools or educational centers during the month of July 2023. extracurricular, canteen, special schedules, books, school supplies, tuition and other similar. It can be ... Read more

Renta 2021, a guide not to get lost

The most dreaded moment for many families has arrived, the 2021 income tax campaign has begun and although the Treasury sends us a draft, it usually forgets some deductions. So that this does not happen to you, here we are going to remind you. Deductions of autonomic tranche in the Renta 2021. All the autonomic deductions of the Renta 2021 ... Read more