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Processing of titles

We take care of

If you prefer that we take care of it, please contact ASFANA Familias Numerosas, you can do it through:

If you prefer to do it yourself...

If you prefer to do it on your own, don't worry, we will explain it to you so that you can do it yourself.

The steps to follow are as follows:

    1. You have to request an appointment at the GVA, to do this, you must call 012 or by entering this website.
    2. Choose whether you want to do it in person or online. To do it telematically, you will have to do it through the digital certificate, entering this link.


Depending on the procedure you wish to carry out, there are a series of requirements that you must comply with. These are detailed below.

Application for large family status

You must have:

  • Family book.
  • Certificate of census registration.
  • DNI of the members of the family.
  • Application.

The application form can be downloaded from this link.

Duplicate title

If you have lost the title, do not worry, you can always request a duplicate. To do so, simply one of the holders must prove his or her identity by filling out this application form.

Renewal application

To renew the title of large family, you must provide:

  • Simple copy of the title.
  • DNI, NIE or passport of all members to be included in the title.
  • If applicable, accreditation of the studies in progress of those members who are maintained for this reason. This accreditation must state the duration of the studies.
  • Completed application.

You can access and download the application by clicking on this link.

Finally, for those families with special category, they must provide the "Declaración Responsable de Ingresos de Familiar Familiar Numerosas", during the first quarter of each year. You can find and download this document here.