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MEC Scholarships 2022/2023 all information here

From March 30 through May 12

Apply now for the MEC scholarships from the Ministry of Education for post-compulsory studies for the 2022/2023 academic year. Applications will be open from March 30.

They can be requested by all students of post-compulsory studies whether they are university or not, we leave a list and if you want to see the MEC Scholarships 2021/2022 of last year

  • Non-University
  • Baccalaureate
  • Access courses and preparation courses for vocational training entrance exams and specific training courses for access to intermediate and higher training cycles, taught in public and private centers.
  • Intermediate and advanced vocational training
  • Artistic education: professional and higher
  • Language teaching in Official Schools, including distance learning.
  • Sports education
  • Higher religious studies
  • Basic Vocational Training
  • University access course for people over 25 years of age (offered by public universities).
  • University education for bachelor's and master's degrees. They are included:
    • Undergraduate and master's degree studies in Defense and Civil Guard universities,
    • Complementary credits or training complements to access or obtain a master's degree or bachelor's degree.

Where do I apply?

If you are going to study next year and you want to apply for the MEC Scholarships 2022/2023 you must be registered in the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Education.

The MEC Scholarships You must apply within this period, even if you do not yet know what you are going to study, and even if you do not know for sure whether you are going to study or not, the information can be modified later.

How do I do it?

First of all, access the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Education, if you are not registered, please do so.

You can choose between username and password, electronic ID or permanent Cl@ve, whichever suits you best.

Then you only have to access the MEC Scholarships process by choosing between university or non-university studies and fill in the data.

Have the physical ID cards of your entire family unit ready, you will need them as they ask for data that you will only be able to see in them.


To receive the MEC Scholarships, the student must have his/her own account in a bank or savings bank.

The e-mail address you enter must be one that you look at regularly, as communications will only be sent by electronic means.

Consult here all the information and information and help for the MEC 2022/2023 scholarships.

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