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Renta 2021, a guide not to get lost

The most dreaded moment for many families has arrived, the 2021 income tax campaign has begun and although the Treasury sends us a draft, it usually forgets some deductions. So that this does not happen to you, here we are going to remind you.

Deductions of autonomic tranche in the Renta 2021.

All the regional deductions of the Renta 2021 can be found on page 42.

Most of them are linked to an income ceiling, a little higher in the case of a large family of special category.

If at the moment of checking the box and filling in the data and accepting it is not reflected, it means that you have exceeded the limit.

All these deductions of the Renta 2021 are included in Law 13/1997.

State deductions Renta 2021.

These deductions can be found on page 32 of the 2021 income tax return.

there are four types of grants, compatible and cumulative with each other up to a maximum of 4,800 euros

To be eligible, you must be working, unemployed or a pensioner.

  • Large family deduction

This deduction is one of the most important in the Renta 2021 and is specific for large families, it is better known as "The 100€".

Created a few years ago, it can be collected monthly as an advance payment, for which the Tax Authorities Form 143 must be filled out.

  • 1,200 euros for 3 children
  • 1,800 euros for 4 children
  • 2,400 euros for 5 children

An additional 600 euros per year is increased for each child exceeding the category, that is:

6 children €3 ,000, 7 children €3,600, etc.

  • Working mothers

If you are a working mother and have children between the ages of 0 and 3, you are entitled to €1,200 per year per child. In addition, deductible childcare expenses of up to 1,000 euros can be added to this amount.

You can also request it in advance by filling out Form 140 of the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Children or ascendants with disabilities

Families with children or ascendants may also apply a deduction of 1,200 euros for each disabled person.

As we all know there is a long delay in the resolution of the disability, more than a year or even two.

Once we receive the resolution we can make a parallel declaration of the year in which the disability begins, so we do not lose the deduction for the delay.

  • Dependent spouse with disability

If your spouse has a recognized disability of 33% or more, you are not legally separated, your spouse has no annual income, excluding exemptions, of more than €8,000 and does not generate the right to deductions for descendants and ascendants with disabilities; you are entitled to another €1,200.

A few last tips for the Renta 2021

  • Thermal Bonus

If you have been lucky and you have received the Bono Térmico, it is an aid granted by the State with management and payment by the Autonomous Communities, so it is subject to Personal Income Tax and must be declared as capital gains.

  • Minimum Living Income

The recipients of this social income are obliged to file a personal income tax return, although this is exempt from taxation, unless they receive other social benefits from the Autonomous Communities (minimum insertion income or others for groups at risk of social exclusion) and the amount exceeds 11,279.39 euros (1.5 times the IPREM).

In addition, the obligation to file the Declaration affects all the members of the family unit, both the holder who receives the MVI and the persons who form the cohabitation unit. According to the criteria of the Tax Agency, the MVI, being a law, must be understood as a special rule with respect to the general rule of the obligation to declare, established in the Personal Income Tax. For MVI beneficiaries with minor children, it is advisable to file a joint return for all members, if the parents are married. In case there is no marriage, one of the two parents may file a joint return, together with the children, and the other may file an individual return.

We hope to have shed a little more light on the 2021 income tax return.

In case we have forgotten something, we leave you the Manual Renta 2021 Large Families who have made our colleagues FANUCOVA

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